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13 . Jul . 2013

RACE START! In Hong Kong! Running Man Fan Meeting

 Venue: AsiaWorld – Hall 10

“‘RACE START!’ in Hong Kong! Running Man Fan Meeting”, the first stop of ”RUNNING MAN” first ever overseas fan meeting tour, was successfully held on July 13, 2013 at AsiaWorld-Expo Hall 10. The ACE members have delivered the most unique and interactive fan meeting experience to Hong Kong audience with classic and authentic “RUNNING MAN” elements and games! Special and surprised solo and group stages were also prepared by the ACE members stunning every audience!

The ACE members, KIM Jong-kook, HA-HA, GARY and JEE Suk-jin, kicked off the fan meeting with the Cantonese song “Love In Those Years” (當年情) and surprised audience with a short parody of the iconic moment in the film. Their humorous and dramatic acting skill brought unstoppable laughter to the audience!

During the games, all the audience seized this rare opportunity to battle with the ACE members. They instantly became a “RUNNING MAN” themselves, trying their very best to beat the ACE members! The winners of each game were given the iconic “RUNNING MAN” name tags and also special gifts prepared by the ACE members!

The 4,000 audiences attending the fan meeting enjoyed the night very which and they all felt became a part of the “RUNNING MAN” family. The rare opportunity to play games, interact closely and to witness the exclusive singing performances by the ACE members will definitely become part of their most memorable memories.